I think we have all asked ourselves should my business blog more often. Another thought that often pops into my head is “is it even worth blogging nowadays”. The answer of course is yes, blogging is very useful to most, if not all businesses.

With millions of articles published daily, it is indeed hard to stand out in the crowd but a blog can benefit your business in so many ways. As a director of an established web design agency in Derby I hear clients ask these questions over and over so here are a few good reasons why you should either start or continue with your website’s blog.

Connect with your clients

Posting information on your blog is a great way to connect with both current and potential clients. They can stay up to date with the latest products or services your business is offering and maybe discover something about your company.

Establish trust

This one is important and often overlooked. It doesn’t matter if you are selling products or providing a service of some kind if potential clients don’t trust your business then you have a serious problem.

By writing good quality content about your products & services clients can start to get to know you better and this helps to establish trust. If you find you are being asked the same questions repeatably write a blog article answering these questions. It could well give a potential client the confidence to buy from you.

Your website becoming an authority on your niche

Ensuring you are posting high-quality content about your niche you are developing yourself as an authority on the subject. Well written, quality articles that answer your audience’s questions rank well in Google. This, in turn, leads to an increase in traffic to your website.