Why is a Responsive Web Design Important?

People are turning to mobiles for surfing the internet more often than they do on their laptops. Whether it is about checking emails or using the apps, mobiles have become an important part of the internet era. And so, it calls for a website design that is highly responsive and mobile-friendly. The talk about a responsive web design has been in the market for quite some time and it is changing the process of how brands build their online presence.

What is a Responsive Design?

A responsive web design is something which when created will not change and remain the same no matter whichever device you use to open the website. When you have a responsive design, you will not have to worry about getting different web designs for different devices. The same design can be used everywhere. For example, when someone opens your website on a desktop, the website looks beautiful and is visible fully. If you have a responsive design, then the same should happen on a mobile phone and the website should retract itself to fit the smaller screens. This enhances readability and helps in audience retention.

Reasons to Get a Responsive Design

Some of the major reasons for getting a responsive design are as follows –

  • Increased usage of mobiles –Since everyone is using a mobile, you definitely need to upgrade your business website design to a responsive one in order to gain more audience who will be willing to surf your website from the phone.
  • Recommended by Google – It has been claimed by Google that it prefers websites that have a responsive design to those that do not have it. After the year 2015, Google has been rewarding those websites which have a fully optimized and responsive design. The mobile-first indexing strategies that were implemented by Google favour the websites when they are responsive. This strategy also involved Google crawling and indexing the mobile versions of the websites and so if your website is not responsive, you will stay far behind your competitors.
  • Improve your ranking – A fully responsive website will rank much higher in search engine results than those which are not. This is because responsive sites load much faster and this, in turn, decreases your bounce rate.
  • Improve user experience – When you have a responsive web design, the users can have a much better experience browsing it as well. Your users will be able to navigate your website without much hassle or resizing from time to time. If your customer finds your website easy to browse, then they are more likely to depend on you to get their work done and come back again to you. This means you will be increasing the conversion rates for your website.

With a responsive website design, you can also have much smoother SEO campaigns. Moreover, you will be looking after only one website which will be saving so much of your time and money. Since mobile-friendly web design is the new industry standard, make sure your website is not lagging behind.