Best WordPress security tips for beginners

With so many easy to use features, there are thousands of bloggers who turn to WordPress to launch their website. The platform can also be used to launch your business portfolio or an online store. But whenever you are building a website for yourself, one of the initial things to be kept in mind is the security of your website. This is why we created  this WordPress security tips guide.

Although you cannot make it 100% secure, you can definitely take some measures to minimise the potential risk and threats.

Use two-factor authentication login

One of the simplest yet effective measures is to use the two-factor authentication login method. This will prevent several attacks on your website. By doing this, you will be adding an extra wall of security to your website to keep out the hackers. In this type of login, an additional code or ID proof is usually required to have access to your site.

Change passwords frequently

You should keep changing the password to your WordPress website from time to time. Moreover, you should not set something too simple or predictable. The best practice of setting a password, which is usually advised on most website, is to use a combination of letters both in the uppercase and lowercase along with numbers and special characters. Try and come up with a password that has at least 10 characters in it.

Regularly backup and update

There are several updates introduced by WordPress from time to time. You must keep a track of those and keep updating your website. This will cover all the security holes if any. Thus, there will be no vulnerabilities left for hackers to exploit. You should also ensure that your plugins are up to date because even they can help you detect a security breach. But to ensure an extra amount of security, you can also backup your account manually apart from using plugins to avoid any unfortunate situations.

Do not use too many themes and plugins

Some people tend to overdo the plugins and themes on their WordPress website. This will only make your website slower and also vulnerable to hackers. The updates will take longer than ever to install. If there are plugins on your website that you no longer need or are obsolete, you should delete them immediately. This is because whenever you have some inactive plugin, it can be used by hackers to insert some malicious code into the system.

Limit the number of login attempts

If you are on your Default Settings, then you will be able to enter and renter the password as many times as you want. But, you should change this because it will give the hackers an opportunity to exploit your account. Use plugins that limit the login attempts and set it at your desirable count. It will be in your hands to choose how the user can access the account in case the login attempts have been crossed.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you should regularly monitor your WordPress files in order to check whether someone has tampered with them or not. If you follow these steps wisely, your account will be completely secure.

Hire a professional

If you find the idea of designing and maintaining your blog too much you could always hire a professional web design company.